Kent Simpson prophetic word Jan 16 Elijah list A WOW RE: Birthing in the New Year 2014

Please pass on to Mr. Kent Simpson, regarding prophetic word “Birthing in the New Year”-‘I am preparing you for something big’, I read January, 16 on

Please tell him thank you so, so very much for his obedience in thus word. This was a letter written to me by our Heavenly Father through Kent. In sure it was foe mire than me, but it was for me. I sobbed the entire time I was trying to read it, not from sadness but with joy and revelation. It was filled with answers for me and a whole lot of love.

Laugh out loud. Just thank you, thank you.

I pray strength, vision, encouragement, and graciousness on you my friend and brother in Christ

Have a super blessed day.