Hi and God bless.

I have had 3 CDs and all have been accurate. In my last prophetic request I enquired about my husband as he expressed disinterest in our marriage. Your CD arrived and you prophesied that when he decides to walk away from me then everything would fall apart for him for he was only sanctified by my faith and the marriage. I received the CD a month before he left our home. He left without notifying me. It has been 5 months since and things are falling apart for him. I have sought God and he has proved faithful in providing for me. You said not to fear that I would conceive and have a child. However, I am at a crossroads as I have been interceding or ‘standing’ for my marriage but not much progress seems to have been made and I am growing weary and my hope is fading for my husband’s return. I feel that God will not let me give up but I would rather make a fresh start with someone I trust and meet someone new but I don’t want to be disobedient to God.

I am seeking God’s face to find out if it is his will for me to meet someone else for me to start a family or to continue to pray for my husband who is extremely disobedient as God has spoken loud and clear to him but he is acting like it is not true. I feel God has been telling me that the consequences of me not praying for my husband will be fatal (through dreams and scripture) but I am so weak I can’t take so much pressure as I have only shown unconditional love to him and he treats me with so much disdain. Please help as I would just like to move on from this deep pain and emotionally suffering. I would also like to seek direction for my business.