(concerning the 2002 prophecy regarding Graham, Texas’ redevelopment and the restored areas of the ground, how the wealth would come from the ground) I think I need to write this prophecy out as it is looking like it very well is soon.

The Gov. is looking into 3 states to put the new development of an energy plant, Texas is one of them, we have the brine, water, sulpher and land, and the area that is prime is Young, Jack or Throckmorton County. That’s US!!! This is a 2billion dollar development and would supply 11,000 jobs. I’ll write out that prophecy so we can keep attuned to what God is doing, this is BIG. and as it looks we’re in the middle of it as the Word said, I’m thinking since they have asked me to chair our newly organized Retail Trade Committee, which in the prophecy you said, ones would come to us to draw from the wisdom we had gained and also you said some of the older ones would have passed on, one of a major players in the industry field died this week, Mr. Ed Graham.

This could be very near fulfillment. I’ll keep you posted.