Disagreement in the Prophetic Camp e-Newsletter

I receive so many teachings a day now via email and I by pass most but yours ALWAYS stirs my spirit. I see an email has arrived from you and I know God will speak powerfully through you; he always does. The excitement as I read often overwhelms me as God speaks.

Thank you that through YOUR own journey of obedience, diligence, faithfulness, patience, steadfastness through the ‘trials’ God is using you so mightily in the body……you will forever be one of the greatest blessings in my life.

The below was so encouraging and blew me away (it’s from one of your e-Newsletter Articles).

“I have discovered that about 80% of the prophetic words I have given over the past 24 years come to pass in about two years. This too might interest you: Most of those people forgot what was in their prophecy until after what was spoken had come to pass. When they went back and listened to their prophetic word, they were shocked. You can work all you want, trying to figure out how God is going to make your word come to pass.”