Disagreement in the Prophetic Camp – Article 8-21-2015

Thank you Kent Simpson!

This “word” confirms and brings clarity to some things I have pondered over for several years. I want to read this again tomorrow, and probably several times, so that I can more fully ingest and digest it and absorb all the nutrients in it. Praise YHWH for a man who is not afraid to speak truth! Outrageous blessings on you! PS. I’m going to transcribe my prophecy CD from you. I’ve listened to it repeatedly however, I believe what you said about transcribing it and I’m going to do that thank you so much Kent.

Please feel free to use my comments and name. I became aware of your ministry through Ras and Bev Robinson and am so thankful.

Your experience, words and wisdom have helped me very much and are inspiration and mentoring to me. I ran for years from the calling of the prophetic. In 2011 a prophecy was spoken over me to rise up and become the 11th hour prophet that I am called to be. Sometimes I’m not so sure about that; but then Abba shows me something or gives me a dream and I am just awed by what He reveals to me. I NEED mentoring for sure. Have been through much in the past year after a split in the church I was in for the past 5 years since moving to Alaska, I was asked to leave the church by the newly appointed “pastor”. I had worked with him in the youth group for 3 years and during that time he had seen many, many things that Abba had shown me come to be and he told the youth on several occasions that he was scared of me because God shows me things. So, after the church split and he was appointed pastor he told me I needed to go somewhere else. It’s been a stretching, polishing, honing, shaping, developing and maturing time for me. I am thankful for a proven example like you and your ministry. Outrageous blessings on you, your family and your ministry in Yeshua’s Name!