Hi Kent,
The most recent Word you sent was potent. It came just at the right time. The Lord had already exposed the “fear” factor, and I had just been given an opportunity to choose to walk in faith and trust. I did, a bit wobbly, but walk I did, in trust. Then again, a second opportunity arose and this time I was “ready,” and rose up in faith. And then I got your Word. Now I am anxious to slay dragons:))))
I have heard soooo much more clearly by just committing myself to Him in this way, just telling Him my heart is to trust. I did nothing, but because of the repentance, and choice to tell Him I wanted to not fear, He came raging in. Truly, bless God. And bless you Kent, for another “good” word, in season, and in a tone that does not shame, but edifies and strengthens.

I wanted to share this feedback with you. God bless you friend, and Lord, shine your light into Kent’s life and his family this day, open Heaven’s Lord, reveal your treasure from Heaven; Jesus in Your mighty name.