Prophetic Event – July 24-25, 2015

I believe God is raising that standard WITH THE ANOINTING through PMT. That the true “Anointed” prophetic people will rise and give the logos and the Rhema.

I Believe that God is starting with your Platoon, and it will increase it to another Platoon, and another, till it reaches Battalion strength. Then it will jump and Split like a Cell and cross national borders. As this will happen, Regiments will be formed.

ALL THESE SOLDIERS NEED TO BE TRAINED. (There was tremendous benefit in activations that Skip facilitated.)

The flag of PMT was Waving at this conference, and it will prevail.

My exhortation to you my brother, as we are going to need ALL of our strength, ALL of our focus, all of our Yieldedness.

God is challenging us to let go of things that may have had grace for in the past, but the Battle is raging and we need to let go of some of the weights that beset us, and keep us from a pace that God is issuing to his troops. As we seek to Glorify God and walk in Unity and power in his cadence, let us Run with Joy in our hearts even if the cadence is barked out “Double time hut”

I Love you Brother, you are a true commander in the Army of God. Have been and will be praying for you.