RE: God Has a Word for YOU!


Am not sure who this is going to, but I wanted to get back sooner to “Prophetic Ministries” and have someone say Thank You to Mr. Simpson for all of the prophetic words that he has given me. It was such a blessing to receive a prophetic word and that it was so strong and more than a blessing. It was and is a life empowering and impacting word.

I know it was for me as the part about the Archer was so revealing. Many years ago I had a lady tell me that she saw me just shooting arrows up into the sky for fun to see how far they could and would go. So this word brought that back to me and it shows that I may have matured and it showed confirmation. It also brings freedom for me as the enemy has hammered me relentlessly many, many, many years now and stolen almost everything; and it gives me hope as to purpose and direction and even destiny.

I know that you mentioned that you thought it was a corporate word but I know as requesting it, it was exactly what I needed. Thank You so much for releasing it to me, as it was more (the word given) than a quiver full of arrows for me. And hammered him. It gives me hope and I really needed that. I currently have quite a bit of health issues that are not getting healed and have no way for income to come in, (out and out annihilation to me) so this just confirms that because of the call; the enemy has and is really putting effort into keeping me blocked, squashed and hindered and wore out and ashamed that it is my fault. Thank you again for the direction that was released and the anointing with the word. That I will be able to fight strong again, and he will back me up. There will be no more fuzziness, but a clear eye and mind.

Again Thank You