Hello Kent

Bless you and Thank you for this. Firstly, thank you for sending the offer. No time wasted this end. I love your passion to bring this word and your personal testimony of the campus. It’s wonderful. It so encourages me for obtaining the Property / finances the Lord has directed me to.

All you have spoken is a clear confirmation of things currently taking place. The speaking to Angels understanding is in place and l have been ready for the next step as per the instructions here.
In fact, the details you speak of are in prayer are exact. I even had white feathers land in front me recently out of nowhere so l knew things were on.

A great honor indeed to be proven worthy of this gift.
My training thus far has been purely by Holy Spirit Himself as l spend my time at work in the mines and am not in any ministry structure. A certain joy l has in flying under the radar.

I will be sure to testify as things unfold.

Love and Blessings to You, Debbie and the powerful work you are doing.
I receive you in the name of Jesus Amen.

Linda 🙌