Pastor Kent,

I concur you are right on target. During the fall of 2014 I had gone through something that cause me to be shaken in my spirit and I heard the Lord say, “Except the branch abide in the in vine.” In addition, there was a time when I too thought that it was intellect; however, I discovered through the years that it is who I know intimately (JESUS) and not what I know (IQ). Secondly, I purchased your book at Amazon titled “Called Out’ and read it in one setting -the words were so anointed I could not put it down. I am interested in purchasing more books and audio.

In conclusion, thank you for sending the word my way with experience and such accuracy. Now may the Lord abundantly bless you in every area of your life; and may he continue to divinely keep and protect you as well as your family, ministry, and those who are dear to you.

In His divine Purpose,