Prophet Kent,
I wanted to let you know that you were right on target about that woman. She is a fortune teller that a friend told me to go to. I went to her for a few years and then life got really bad, I had found my father after 30 years, he came and lived with us, then left hurting me very deeply.

After I found him, he told me he had been a Warlock and in the Aryan Brotherhood in prison. He told me to pray to Odin and encouraged me to read Tarot cards which wasn’t hard to do since I was already intrigued by and deep into astrology, etc. I even read the cards for a few people which I now feel terrible about. I repented a long time ago and renounced all of that.

Anyway, I started having problems emotionally and went to see Mrs. Roberts to help me. She told me that she was, going to burn candles and pray for me for 7 days. She said that I was to use the bottle of Holy water on my face every day and to read the 23rd Psalm three times a day for the seven days and come back to see her. I gave her $90.00. It was 1992.

When I went back to her, she said I looked better and for me and my husband to now go to church and get the Holy Ghost. I asked if I needed to go to Catholic Church and she said we could go to any church. I said to her that I didn’t think I could get him to go to church and she acted very aggravated and said, “I said take your husband and son to church and get the Holy Ghost! She also told me that we would be blessed.

I was thinking, well, she even knows my daughter is going to be away at her friend’s this weekend.

We went to a Pentecostal church and we sat on the back row and I heard, “The Holy Ghost” so many times that I was sure that I had arrived at where I was to be. I was so sure that this place was where I was going to be blessed that I through myself in to it and practically ran to the altar every time they asked if anyone wanted to receive the Holy Ghost.

Sorry so long, but I felt I needed to share that. God bless, Lisa