Dear Kent,

Thank you so very much for your C.D. of prophetic Word to Becki and Ranko Goronja. Of course, at first they were so taken back to hear these things on C.D., but Becki said it really helped soothe and encourage them in their situation, especially when they listened to the C.D. a couple of more times and digested it. She said it was definitely a sign to renew their involvement in the Bosnian community when they returned home shortly after they listened to your Word from the Lord and there was a wedding invitation to them from another Bosnian family. Becki said she had neglected these ties for a couple of years and they were all but erased from their Eastern European community’s consciousness, but this was such a sign to them to renew their ties. Becki was so grateful, and they are not losing heart with the present jobless situation. They are grateful for your uncompromising directness that a new job would not happen necessarily too soon for Ranko, but they would have to be patient.

Of course Guy is worried to lose Becki to moving to another area, she has become indispensible as an employee. They are dear, dear people who have very good work ethic and character. They have had a rough road.