RE: Prophetic Event Norfolk, Virginia April 3-4, 2015

THIS GATHERING WAS AMAZING!!! I don’t know how I was allowed to get in, attend, register, bring my whole family—BUT WE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!! WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE! EVERYONE LISTENING, YOU MUST FIND this MINISTRY and GO to ANY CONFERENCE they EVER have again.

Seriously, whoever you are, just allow yourself to be prayed for by these Prophetic ministers and you will never see things the same again! (in a good way!) What you’ve been struggling to UNDERSTAND or WORK for YEARS to attain, can be accomplished in a few minutes by this guided praying. Contact this ministry for PRAYER/ GUIDANCE/ ENCOURAGEMENT for ANY issue of your life. They want you to do well and bloom where you’re planted, with whatever gift you’ve already been given by God. Don’t be shy. Don’t hesitate!