The Lost Puppy

Hi! This is the most urgent call I’ve ever made — I am missing my tenant’s dog I was supposed to be watching for her. The little black and white Pomeranian’s name is “Remy” and he is a sweetheart. My tenant, Crystal Is a Christian and a darling girl. She is hysterical of course. He must have gotten out. Oh please this is terrible. Can you please tell me if God can show you where he is???!!!!!

Kent: (Sunday 7:32 AM)

I see the puppy has been picked up. The first of next week the pup will be taken to a vet. Their plan will be to check for the chip implanted to find its owner. The black and white will be found.

Lisa:(Sunday 3:33 AM)

Dear Kent, thank you!!! We were all up until 4 am or so hunting the neighborhoods and hanging up posters. This will really be a huge demonstration of miracles for owner, she has stepped out in big faith to move to this area, all alone, take an unsure job, and get her life back on track with God. She’s 46 and one of the sweetest people I’ve met. I’ve taken her every week to Skip & Vicki’s church. There was an unusual time of ministry and she got a strong Word from Skip, in fact, that she would have a child… OTHERWISE that little doggie has Ben “her child” — and that is not all God has for her. Amazing. You have been a big part of this miracle-working chain.

Dear Kent, I wanted to thank you for the Word about the missing dog!! The crisis of our accidentally losing our tenant’s dog too! It was Just as you said, “it had been picked up by someone” and “will be returned by the first of the week”!! OF COURSE!!! (As always so accurate!) Apparently a man walking by our house saw the little black & white Pomeranian off the leash wandering, picked him up and took him home. Over the weekend (Crystal) & our family hung posters everywhere we could think of around the neighborhoods. Late Sunday night that man emailed Crystal — and we walked to meet them at a nearby bridge. This (poor) man said his girlfriend had committed suicide! The day before he found the dog. He said the dog gave him great comfort. Yes, horrible situation, but he dutifully returned the dog. (End of a happy story for us))

………The truth is Crystal was really getting on my nerves bothering me all weekend and we did all we could going door to door and posting on-line, and physically hanging up posters all night one night. Now I understand how frustrated you feel because when you hear from the Lord, as far as you’re concerned, the matter is settled! When you emailed me so quickly with such specific details– I admittedly became irritated with (Crystal) because she kept prodding me to do more and more different things out of her panic with losing her really precious doggie friend, all she has in this life. (I told her that I had given my BEST RESOURCE, one who I try hard not to bother too often! (Ha-ha) …and our whole family’s efforts day & night for 2 days. It wasn’t entirely our fault either that the dog got out….we have huge problems in our life to always address, she has just one, so yes, maybe I know exactly how you feel sometimes! Ha-ha!

Thank you once again! Yours in Jesus, the Jones’ family

“REMY the POMERANIAN HAS BEEN RETURNED HOME!” Just as Kent said he would…. (And believe me, if Kent says otherwise, just grieve and go on …. (Over many years we lost a favorite bird and a cat, and Kent had the unfortunate task of telling us they were not going to be back) But this time, God showed Kent that the little black & white Pomeranian had been picked up by a stranger and this stranger would he would be convicted to return him in a couple days. That is exactly what played out this week. Praise the Lord for the Prophetic Gift! And especially for the ministry of Kent & Debbie Simpson! With encouragement & love, from the Trengove-Jones!

What’s great is that we have a very close-knit “genteel” historic neighborhood– and it seems like everybody, 100 people so far have stopped to ask Crystal or Guy or the kids or I if the dog has come back…..I’ve made up my mind that I’m going to say “Yes, Praise God! The prophetic minister ‘Kent prayed him back’ and then told me how it would happen! Ha-ha! I need to get some “Need a Word from God” calling cards made up– because in the past months I’ve worn myself out trying to write out all the information for people…do you have those? Or can I do a “mock up” and have you approve the copy???? 😊😊😊😊. (Seriously)

Grammar check… the prophetic minister, Kent, ‘prayed him back’……I love that kind of colloquial speech. Also, I meant to say that I’ve worn myself out over the past year trying to write out the info or over-explain the “Need a Word from God” website….not just these couple days over the dog. I just blab it to everyone, and sometimes they make me into the biggest circus clown over it, but I don’t care. Half the time I know in a time of crisis, now or future, they will sit at home and WISH they could remember what I said about that website– -THUS the need for the card😊