Pastor Kent,

Oh, my goodness! Did God give you supernatural impartation to read me inside and out and speak to me like someone I have known all my life, in addition to your prophetic gifting? Honestly, I have been given several prophetic words, great ones, but I constantly struggle with everything you said in this word. You said the very words I have even spoken out loud in prayer to God. I was so blessed in everything you said and in the way, you said it. Thank you so very much.

Yes, I would love to sit under your training. You made my entire day today and it came right at the speed God knew I needed it!

I’m so grateful it was you, Pastor who spoke the prophesy. I admit to sometimes being a little frustrated (although I clearly understand it and get it) but frustrated, when I know there are some truly proven prophets out there and yet when I request a prophecy it would come back from someone in their ministry that I knew absolutely nothing about.

I’m aware that they can be just as gifted and accurate yet It comes back to that area of faith you spoke so refreshingly about. I could not fully believe or it would leave me with doubts if the word was accurate and if God could truly see that much potential in me. The better the prophesy was for or about me the more I questioned. I say that with humility and regret knowing that if the pastor who is in charge trusts them to give the word then I should trust their accuracy and have FAITH to believe. I know how busy you are and I feel especially blessed. I confess I did pray that the word would come from God through you because of the things I have heard about you and the accuracy of your gifting. Also, yesterday I heard Mark Taylor speak about a prophesy you had spoken to him about a specific angel that is assigned to him. Afterward, I said, “wow, God do I have an angel other than a guardian angel assigned to me” I sure hope so! Thank you again for your swift reply to my request. I am blessed!

Thank you for being that trusted vessel for God!