RE: The e-Newsletter Article “Called, Commissioned and Equipped”

I can attest to these words. They went right through my soul. Have seen evidence of this throughout my life and felt that God made sure if anyone had been unfair/cheated/betrayed me, that it was not too long before, He made certain that they were ‘checked’ and that I would have evidence that God moved in that situation and corrected them (although, the havoc caused by the injustice in my life still remained and I had to live with it). I wondered about how many times it had happened and how God stepped in to vindicate the wrong. Now after this word, I understand better…it opened my eyes to see and know what He has commissioned for my life. Injustice, whether of myself or others, it is something that gets me to the core.

Thank you Father for the clarity. I will be faithful to what You ask of me. I am in awe!! Jesus is Lord!