Dear Prophet Kent,

I recently received my prophetic word from you (2/12/14) and was completely amazed at how much it contained, and on so many levels. It quite frankly “blew me away”! I have always been drawn to the prophetic but have never thought I had any gifting in that area. My older sister has frequent words and visions so I’ve been directly affected and blessed by The Lord through her. No one else in our family has that anointing nor did the churches we grew up in teach those things. I asked The Lord into my heart many years ago but have never felt I had my own testimony or experience in the supernatural or really hearing God or Holy Spirit. I’ve been on a quest the past few years reading books, (and Elijah List) listening to pastors, attending conferences and still no real breakthrough for me.

I am so hopeful after hearing your word for me as it includes seeing the future and speaking words that would affect angels, and even The Lord doing signs and wonders through me someday, if I allow Him to manipulate me! I’m so inspired and excited, though I know it will be a long journey ahead! (As your word said) I would like to know if there are any specific things you see for me to pursue right now.

Many Blessings!