Re: MOLDED by TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS – Prophet Kent Simpson

Hallo Kent

You and your teachings just continue to be used by the Holy Spirit to change me !

I can only say THANKS Kent and I pray that Abba Father will continue to bless and use you.

I have read and will continue to read you book on Kindle “Called Out by God: Know Your Rank and Mission”.

What an awesome book ! When I started reading I realized how hungry I have been for “GOOD food.” I call it Steak ! The best and deepest steak that you can find.

I just have a question. In your book you say: Who or What is the Word of God – First of all the Bible is not the Word of God, Jesus Christ is the Word of God.

I fully agree and have said that for a long time but if I make that statement to my friends they think that I now believe that the words in the Bible was not written under the guidance of God/the Holy Spirit and that I am teaching a false teaching.

What do I answer?

Thanks for your time. I will keep my emails short. I wish that I can have coffee with you and just talk for an hour. LOL!


South Africa