Dear Kent,

Thank you so much for this commentary from Jennifer Ryan. I read through her FB page and she is definitely on target and this subject needs to be addressed. I was raised in church & now that I’m going to be 55 next month I wasn’t satisfied with everything I was taught or naively perceived. I walked with the Lord & didn’t walk with the Lord at times, but there was always a hunger for more. In 2014, I had a heart to heart with the Lord about my dissatisfaction & confusion for what I have been taught about Him and my perception of Him. I knew deep down this is not who you are there had to be more. This all came about because of coming across Jeremiah 33:3. I PUSHED that verse on Him & even challenged Him about it. “I didn’t write it, you did!” I would say. I was relentless, maybe even by today’s standard borderline bullying. I even said I wished at times I wasn’t saved as a kid because in my mind I perceived that it would be better to start with a mentally clean slate because I would be newly saved and could be taught correctly. I really had some jacked up thinking! But, He started a process with me that has been amazing. It’s opened doors to understanding spiritual things in a whole different manner. The Bible is number #1 first but you can’t deny books and people that Jesus, Jude and others spoke of like Enoch, the Nephilim issue, historical info from Josephus, etc. I have read & watched you tube videos about different Bible subjects from over 75 people so far. I do not lock into just one idea said about a subject but use it to figure out the pieces of the puzzle. Kind of like looking at the completed puzzle box lid when doing a puzzle. You see the finished work, so where and what do we start with? I think God is allowing things to truly be understood more because we truly want the answers from His heart and many do want to see his will on Earth as it is in Heaven. Keep up your excellent work at PMT, I have received prophetic words from you (Kent) and Skip and they’re mind boggling. I keep you and your ministry in prayer often.