July 2015 Gathering PMT Event

I am so bless to meet you, Kent, Savannah, and the elders of PMT! I thank God for putting in my heart to continue to connect with Apostle Kent, who I believe speak the truth and his teaching I highly valued and treasure to share with my spiritual children that the Lord gave me to mentor.

Thank you again, that all of you have been a blessing to me in your ministry. I felt this vision is like the Lord as the Cornerstone and the PMT members are the living Stones called to stand as at the pillars of His Tabernacle for His end time church which He has shown me twice in 1994 had me drawn the plan last December 1998. The end time church is full of His Shekinah glory, His name is suspended in the air like banner hanging down from heaven and the Saints face are pure, holy without spot or wrinkles the ark of covenant was in its highest place. The ceiling of the sanctuary was in the shape of the Star of David. I know I was taken to this place twice before He told me to draw after nine months of recuperation from a car accident where He send me back healed without operation to live and served Him as He said I still have a lot of work to finish for Him.