Hello Pastor Kent Simpson,

I hope you get this e-mail. This testimony is a very long time overdue. You sent me a prophetic word in the mail around March or April 2006, and I’m sorry I never sent you a reply. But in that word, you told me that same exact thing you are teaching in this lesson here (Our World Created by Prophecy Word of the week 10-21-07). You said that I would begin to hear things in the Spirit, I would speak them out, angels would go to work, and what I hear in the Spirit I would begin to see manifested on the earth.

Well, I was very encouraged in my spirit by that word, and right after I read that letter, the very same day, I decided to intercede for some people and see if God would show me some things for them. So, just minutes later I think, I closed my eyes and thought of this lady in my Sunday school class in church, and then I saw an old shovel sitting in a shed, and I realized that this lady felt old and useless. And then he gave me a word for another woman after that.

I was very encouraged. I couldn’t remember ever receiving anything like that before, and now God is using me to prophesy to people on a regular basis. And then when I read you’re teaching tonight it clicked that wow, I’m beginning to see your prophecy for me revealed before my very eyes. So I thought you would like to know, because I felt it was the word God gave you for me that eventually launched me into the prophetic place where the Lord has me now. I am sorry for not sending a reply earlier, but I know you are a true prophet of God, and I can guarantee God has used you tremendously to bless so many people with prophetic words, people whom you have never even heard a reply from.

Thank you!