I received my handkerchief on Nov. 2, 2014. Thank you brother Kent.

The first night Nov 2, I was praying and I put the handkerchief on my head and told the lord that I will receive everything He had for me. I didn’t see or feel anything. Then after saying my prayers I put the handkerchief in my pillow.

Tonight I started praying in tongues while lying on my bed on my back with my eyes closed suddenly I started seeing a vision like a video of a room and a pulpit (a church). Someone was behind the pulpit in a white robe couldn’t tell who it was. I had a sense it was a man. Then I saw white doves (Holy Spirit) flitting around the room and white flashes of light. Then I saw a hand reach out and touch my head. I kept praying in tongues and I saw white doves again flitting around the room with white flashes of light.

Wow! Exciting, I believe I was getting impartations from the handkerchief and I believe it was Jesus behind the pulpit in the vision. And it was His hand touching my head anointing me. How exciting. Let’s see what else happens at night when I lay my head on my pillow. Bless you all.