Wow! Thank you Kirk! I have been asking the Lord to remove the blinders from my eyes so that I might see. I want to see into that realm. I see visions, but I want to see them in the natural. I’ve never seen my Angel before, although I have had many experiences with them. I was just wondering if it’s the one that has always been with me, or if it is one that has recently been appointed, because of an experience I had last month. In the middle of the night, one came to me and all of a sudden I began to feel a touch of what felt like icy/hot begin to run from my shoulders down to my hands, back up to my head, then all the way down to my feet. It would increase in hotness and get intense at times. I’m trying to figure out what it is? I’ve asked the Lord to reveal it to me, but I’m not completely sure I understand. I feel like he told me it was an anointing of Favor/Faith, and that would go along with what you saw, but I have been told also that there were other anointing or Angels that would come. So, I’m just not exactly sure. I sure wasn’t expecting diamonds either Wow! Do you see any garments? Or attire?

Thank you so much for your willingness to let me know this. It does encourage me greatly. Pastor Kent felt like it would be a good experience for me to see how other ministers minister the Words they have for others as part of my training. You have blessed me tremendously today.