Hi Prophet Kent and PMT,


Thank you for the message from this Sunday. I am eager to hear next week’s message, too. Please sent a copy of the notes for the “Spiritual Word of Wisdom” lesson.


Also, thank you so much for the prophecy you sent. I’m so excited. When the handkerchief arrived in the mail I put it on my head (not that it was a requirement, just seemed good).  I receive all that you have ever prophecied regarding me. Yes, Lord have your way in me!


Also, the info about being number 7, three times in a row, Wow! (I need to look more into the spiritual meaning of numbers.) Excited!


I went to a church that I have been visiting (attending their supernatural school, too.). I hadn’t visited for a while so I was greeting people seeing how they have been. Well one of those people while I was hugging them excitedly expressed that I was so full of love.  I was like “Oh, ok.” But then another, after I hugged them, paused and then said I was different, that there was a little more love in me. Then still a third person said the same thing. It is encouraging given situations arise that try to convince me other wise.


Thank you again for all you do.


G3d bless you all,