Hey Capt. Kent…
Clicked on your teaching to read it todays. And the message at the top to “Click on the pic to WATCH”…was highlighted to me…like a flashing billboard.
So, I have been doing this for the last couple hours…. I am doing a Ps Kent video Teaching catchup marathon today. Started about 6am over here, Sat morning in Oz.
Immediately upon watching the first video, an anointing I have not felt for some time began flooding my body from like the lower back-waist down. As I was lying in bed watching with the headphones on…. the kind of weightless, very, relaxing warm oil seeping inside type anointing continued throughout the first video, and only stopped temporarily in between videos and when I went to get a coffee to watch more…as soon as the next video is of, The anointing floods from like my lower back on down through my legs…inside my body….
…when I had some deliverance ministry about 17 years ago, it was the same feeling after the sessions then…I feels like spiritual immune system boosting is going on..”faith/power cometh by hearing for my spiritual battery” , and all that…so,, I just stopped briefly to send you this quick note in between continuing the teaching sessions…of a couple things as prompted including the above..

Oh…also, as you mentioned your mom coming to you in a dream to buy a vehicle, I have also had similar…my mom has done that from heaven as well….also I confirm your teaching on the cloud of witness’s and such at and around the throne being able to do interceding on our behalf far greater in heaven than they could have been on earth. Also, why I believe my mom went in 2014 at the young age of 71….I have seen my cloud of witness’s and they are full on interceding and such…

Lastly….Got more direction-confirmation a couple nights age. I believe.
Reinhard Bonnke came up to me a couple nights ago in a dream, and I looked down at his hand and it had a nice bright yet manly diamond ring on his finger…I mentioned it and he said it was an Evangelist Ring…then he looked down at my hand and so did I and we both saw that I also had a nice brilliant diamond ring on my finger of one hands. And Reinhard said. “Oh, didn’t you know that you had that on your fingers. And that you had this Evangelist Ring/gift…?

Something to that effect…and I seemed a bit bewildered, yet somehow knowing that many of my dreams from many years ago had shown this…especially my “stadium size ministry dreams” of having like a fire on top of my head whilst preaching before many in stadiums…and similar.
Also has something to do with Ps Benny Hinn and having served his ministry off and on over the years….

I am really looking forward to as God has stated to me about 4- 5 years ago now, that….”I am about to THRUST YOU into ministry”…

So back to your video teachings I now go! as I also believe something is also getting a touch up in my lower back in the natural as well…remember when I emailed you in 2014 that you came to me one night in a dream and laid hands on my back and I was healed?
This. Like you would do in the natural…when a tweak or two returns…is simply a Holy Ghost follow-up/tune-up/service call…….{^c^}. like an oil change and service for your new car…Yue, that’s what I am getting today…the “Executive BMW overall type service packaged. Oil change with super Holy Ghost oil, also the best Holy Ghost spark plugs. (do cars still have them? ) …and best high-octane fuel (teaching)……. !”
Causa, that’s what it feels like.
I will be sure to send you the next small payment installment, mentioned previously, next week… and they WILL get larger in the future… (that’s my financial faith statement of the week)

Woooo Hooo !