RE: Prophetic Outreach Europe

Hello Prophets Kent, Mark and Brian,
Yesterday I received several confirmations and prophecies from you. I wanted to follow up and tell you some great things that have happened today. First off, this morning I was contacted by an assisted living facility for an opportunity to come and teach art classes to its residents. There are still some minor issues to work out, but I feel they will come together as the Lord is working.

The greater thing happened this evening! My husband and I were going out to dinner, and we were just going to grab a sandwich somewhere but at the last minute decided to go to a Mexican restaurant. They seemed very busy as their parking lot was packed, but we were seated immediately. I felt a pulling in my spirit just as we were seated and looked across the booth and there was a lady that I did go to school with. She was a grade behind me, so we never really had classes together, but we knew each other so we gave a friendly nod. I felt the Lord telling me to go pray for her. I sat there and tried to eat my meal and was praying in the spirit, and I just felt it so strongly in my spirit, I had to stop eating. My husband asked if I was ok and I said yes, I just need a minute. So I got up and approached her. The restrooms were right behind her table and I asked could I speak with her a minute, she agreed. Things began to pour out of me like I’ve never experienced before. I was speaking the love of God into her, and the Father was pouring his love into her through me. She began to cry and told me she had been waiting for someone, anyone to remind her of His love for her! I told her that the Lord was showing me she has had some issues with her health, in her digestion, and she confirmed she had just had gall bladder surgery but was in pain which was why she wasn’t eating. I prayed for her pain to leave and for her to heal in a supernatural way that would surpass her knowledge of this and that she would have no more issues in her digestion, that it would function just as God intended because she has the DNA and blood of the resurrected Jesus Christ flowing in her body. She then told me that the pain had left and that she is a nurse!

It was wonderful ministering God’s love to her, I can’t explain the euphoria I felt in talking to her in the name of the Lord. She thanked me repeatedly, and we exchanged numbers to keep in touch. I just wanted to share how mighty God is already moving! I am So thankful, and rejoicing and praising Him.