I could not find a place on your website to log a testimony.

So, I am sending it to the email address in the newsletter. I am not sure if you remember my prophecy or not because you release so many; however, I wanted to come back and bless you and let others know the accuracy and how specific your prophesies are.

I contacted you around the end of 2006. I asked for direction regarding my life, including the purchase of a home. I had contacted you previously and did not identify the items I had asked God for direction on, and you accurately discerned and prophesied on these items. Because of your accuracy, I was confident enough that if I asked specific questions, you would let God lead you in the answers and not tell me what you “thought” I wanted to hear. I specifically asked whether I should purchase a home at this time or should I wait. You specifically told me to wait. You even said, “This is not what you want to hear, but this is what God is saying”.

I just want everyone to know that although you may not have posted this on your website, you accurately prophesied the housing downward spiral.

I thank you for letting God speak through you! Had I purchased at that time, I would have lost approximately 20% of my home value and would currently be upside down in a mortgage!

Please post my testimony on your website.

Be blessed and know that God is speaking thru you!