God Has a Word for YOU!

Dear Prophet Kent

Thank you so much for the word. Some things that l learnt in the word are great , profound !!! Your teachings are unique, so true !!!! We thank the Lord Jesus for the gift of wisdom He has given . God bless

About 6 or 7 years ago you gave me a word that God had called me to be the employer not the employee. That God did not want me to be the one coming begging to look for pay but be the one passing pay out.

Though I am not the employer yet, God has given me the first step to staring my own business as a consultant from all my experiences…to be self employed to a company launch in America which I will be doing for the next year or two to help develop operational systems and administrative systems in place. I am just awaiting my work visa, and now God is staring to supernaturally connect me with high net worth individuals as well as people who have strong business acumen to help shape me.

Believing as I connect and do these roles, that I will within two years have a vision of what it means to run a whole operation and then step out and launch something much bigger than myself as self employed.