Mr. Simpson,

I would like to write a testimonial regarding my prophecy.

I got my prophecy today from you. I know that you are truly a Man of God and that He speaks to you. Everything you said was true and revealed in such a way that I know it had to be from God. It was very encouraging to hear God say such wonderful things about my future since I am going through a difficult period. The change and debt that you referred to on the CD is so true. I am trying to sell my house because I feel encumbered by debt and the house needs a lot of work. Also, I do have dreams and vision, and believe that God revealed to me through visions that I was called to be a prophetess and also that I would get married. You mentioned on the tape that God said he is releasing dreams and night visions to me. That is one of the reasons I came to your website. I was seeking knowledge on Prophetic Ministry and have attended some conferences. The church that I attend here in Houston is Pentecostal. They believe in the Prophetic, but we haven’t gotten to the point of training people or really utilizing the Prophetic Ministry.

I sincerely know from your prophecy that God does indeed speak to you because you couldn’t have known all you knew without it being God. It was very encouraging, bringing life during a dark time. That’s how God told me to use my gift of prophecy and the Prophetic Ministry, to encourage and heal.

I pray that as you help to steer others on their Godly path and to heal, that God would also do the same for you.

I will continue to watch your website for upcoming conferences. I live in Houston and would like to come there for some training under you if you do prophetic conferences. I also plan to purchase some of your tapes as soon as I can.

Thanks a million and God bless.