Thank you Prophet Kent for this article.

“How Long Must I Endure the Silence of My Prophets”

I have been through a very long transition period (still occurring) and I don’t hear anything much. You had given me a word in June about the trials and sufferings and even stated that it will feel like God isn’t with me even though I am doing everything to please Him. I was to be assured He was and things will progress. This gives me hope for January’s gathering when the elders will be laying hands on the attendees according to 1 Tim 4:14. I am expecting to be “ignited” to hear the angel that The Lord will send so I may exercise the gifts given to me as well. You are my mentor and I look up to you with absolute respect for the things you go through to continue as a prophet. It’s intimidating and satan tells me I do not have what it takes but I know he is a LIAR and God will give me everything I need to fulfill my purpose. I want to be a part of that remnant God needs for the upcoming harvest. Transition is preparation and I am running this race head on regardless of the secular realm. Love your uplifting articles. Keep them coming!

God bless you and keep you