Prophet Kent Simpson,

I have been a prophetic partner with your ministry since the beginning of 2005. I wanted to tell you that each tape or CD I’ve received from you the Spirit of God is for sure within you. Everything you have spoken to me has already happened or happened maybe weeks or months later, but he ward has always been right on time. It’s edifying, uplifting, correction, direction, it’s just God working thru you and in you.

I praise and I thank God for you and your ministry, always……It has been a storm and fire that I have survived from the CD’s I have received from you. It has carried me thru with Godly wisdom and knowledge. I did not get burned. I’m on the winning side. My ex-husband as of February 28, 2008 abandoned me in July 28, 2007 left me with all the expense of a home we purchased together and a new car. The car was reposed, the home foreclosed I had no work no car, no home but praise God as you spoke to me more than once I would be as that widow woman, my cup of oil has never gone dry. I have been blessed greater than. I used to watch home video church on my computer but he took that. I’ve no longer been able to watch it on computer, but he took that I’ve no longer been able to watch it on computer. But I know that God some have will give it back so that I can continue to watch and to be able to forward your ministry to my family and friends.

May you and your wife always be blessed in Jesus name. I am very blessed myself just to be a part of the ministry that God has chosen for you to do…..I am ready to do God’s will in my life and I’m working and waiting on God to set this ministry up for me that I may touch and make a difference in other people’s lives.

God Bless.