Dear Kent Simpson,

I received a word from you in 1996; it was a Word that literally saved my life. Let me explain.

In 1996 my step daughter lived with her mother. Now throughout the years this woman had tried to destroy my husband and myself. In that year she had us in court 3 times in 8 months and we lost every time even though right was on our side. The judge believed that if a woman has her children she can have whatever she wants. I had been standing firm that the Lord would see us through and He did that with our finances. Well the last time that we went to court, she won again. We had already paid out over 32,000 dollars. Don’t ask me how but we did.

Well the day I got the call from our attorney that we lost again, the devil hit me hard. I hung up the phone and thought if this is what life is like I don’t want to live it anymore. I called my mom and that is really the last thing I remember. She will tell you that she came straight over, found me in the pasture. Got me up and somehow got me in the house. My house was a mess. I had thrown a lot of things around. She got me in bed and was praying. I was willing myself to die. I wanted to die. I didn’t want to live anymore. I couldn’t take everything that was happening anymore. I knew what was happening to me, I was dying. My pulse rate was off and on. I told my mom goodbye and when my husband got home I asked him to call my dad so that I could say goodbye. My dad didn’t even recognize my husband’s voice when he called. My mom called a good friend of mine that is a doctor and she wanted them to take me to the ER so that I could be admitted to a mental hospital. I refused.

The Lord told my mom, remember the tape. My mom had given you my name about a week before all this took place and it came in the mail that very day. My mom ran to her purse and got the tape and placed it in the tape player above my head. Well here is what that tape said:

Daughter when you are laying on your back with no hope or will to survive I will raise you up and place you on the solid rock. I created you for great things and you will accomplish what I have called you to do.

The change in me was immediate. My pulse became regular and I looked around at everyone and said I was hungry. My life has not been the same since that day. I want to thank you for listening to our Father and sending that tape that day. I would not be here if you had not done so. Thank you is not enough. I praise God daily for my life and enjoying living this life.

Flying High.