Hi Kent

I use to be a part of your prayer team. I just have a question that I was wondering you can answer. I am listening to prophetic words you have given me. They seem different and I was wondering if that can be normal. Like the words though they are different just means it’s another piece of the puzzle or is it that the Lord shifted and changed it to something else. One of the things I have heard is there is God’s acceptable will and His perfect will. So I am wondering because the words seem so different if perhaps one is His acceptable will and the other His perfect will.

If you will answer this I would appreciate it. I have yet to hear anyone teach on it. I know they have said there is the acceptable and perfect will of God but they have not explained it regarding prophecy. It just makes me wonder how do we know the difference if that is the case. Anyway thank you for at least your time in reading this. Hope to hear from you soon. I suspect there are others who are wondering the same.
God Bless