Hi Kent,

I was so excited to happen across your ministry and web page. I have spent the last few days and into the early mornings pouring over the different testimonies and teachings. I was miraculously (a Damascus Road experience) saved and set free, from bondage and literally was like a sponge absorbing everything I could get involved in to learn more of my wonderful Savior Jesus!! I had the privilege of sitting under a wonderful group of people free in the Spirit Methodist Church in the midlands of Natal South Africa. I had years of solid foundational teaching, and learnt how to enter in to the presence of The Lord,

I would love to Hear Holy Spirit more clearly, have a clear direction, open my ears and eyes to the supernatural with dreams and visions and I’m also very keen to learn more of the Seer gift, I am an encourager and would love to operate in the gifts, and in Love set the captive free, all To the Glory of God.

Kent, I of course I want all The Lord has for me! Please guide me!!

Many Thanks for your time, and look forward to hearing from you.

Much appreciated