Dear Prophet Kent
Wow! Wow!
Praise the Lord
Thank you so much for the video.
I was thinking probably by the end of the month, I will receive it.
I have listened a couple of times…. just the initial excitement, but I know I still have more listening to do to HEAR what the Lord is saying to me.
Thank you for the example you even gave…. ref the heart attack…. it brought back goodness and faithfulness of the Lord to me when on January 8th 2012 I had a heart attack, and came out of it only by the mercies of the Lord. With no surgery. Am eternally grateful to the Lord. For me there are no coincidences.

Oh, the goodness of the Lord. I just love Him
I am so thrilled and bubbling with unexplainable joy about what is about to happen.

Yes, am preparing myself …. To be the first in UK to receive this…. what an honor and a great privilege from the Lord. Thank you, Jesus,

Once again thanks to you, Sister Debbie and the entire staff for time spent both spiritually and otherwise to make this available. There is no amount of money that we can pay for this.

May the Lord continue to strengthen, empower and enrich you all in more ways than you can imagine for your labor of love.

The Lord bless you richly
Much love and gratitude
Ola from United Kingdom