Prophet Simpson, thank you for your prophecy, it coincides with what god has been revealing to me in the past, it doesn’t matter if I don’t have the gift of prophecy right now but the gift of faith is very important to me. I believe that is why I heard an audible voice shouting St. Mark 3: 15 about healing all manner of sickness and diseases, also one Sunday afternoon I was watching this Christian program and this huge church in Florida was on and a voice spoke to me in my spirit and said this is what I have planned for you, also four days ago, while I was praying the Holy Spirit said pray for Cookie, that is my cousin’s wife so I went and prayed for her. Yes, the gift of faith will open a lot of doors for me, I just wanted to know what gift I should be operating in, so I welcome my ministering spirit so we can reach many souls for Christ.

Pastor Burks from Houston, Tx