Aloha Kent and Andrea,

Just want to tell you about a word you gave me a few years back. You said I wouldn’t pastor a church but would be an overseer for the church. It has come to pass. On the Island of Kauai on the Westside. The people are from Niihau and speak mostly Hawaiian. We are about fifty and some with a great anointing. I have taken them to three churches and as they sing the anointing falls. They are with a pure heart and like children. We will all be going to Hana Maui next month for a tent revival there. God said, He would use the least to confound the world that is exactly what He is doing. Pastors weep before God with the simplicity of these people. Jesus is their message and Jesus is their heart. They have been getting baptized in the Holy Ghost at bible studies and speaking in tongues it just happens. Their heart is so open to whatever the Lord has for them. I am blessed that He would choose me to be their Overseer. I sense there is another church waiting for me to come.

Thank you for speaking that word over me. I know that if you had not spoken… we know that He speaks to His prophets first before we hear it sometimes we don’t even know that a word we just spoke was Him. This much I do know you are a voice for Him so keep speaking what He has to say to everyone. It’s not our job to make them believe it’s their choice. I want to give credit where credit is due. Thank you for your voice and obedience. He makes us powerful because we may a righteous choice His name is JESUS.

I have been stirring up Kauai and making pastors come together. Jesus is knitting us together making us one. All we have to do is show up. Please pray for me that God would continue to use me to usher in His Glory and Revival here in the Islands. All that is happening is Awesome!

Mahalo Keakua.