Re: MOLDED by TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS – Prophet Kent Simpson

Thank you for this Word today.

Timely, Sad, and True. My mother is dying. I have all these spiritual gifts, anointing’s, callings, offices and ministries. But I know my mother is dying, and I can’t stop this. Prophets need prophets. We are not God. It is His kingdom, power and glory, His times and seasons. Power belongs to Him, for Him. We can’t play God in our lives. We have been granted much and are required much of. The will of the Lord being done in us as it is in heaven, our prayer….does not eradicate suffering, loss and sadness. It is very important for prophets to realize that even a decree that is not birthed in the heart of the Father is not His obligation to fulfill and make good. His will be done….whether we like it, understand it or not. It is the highest level of faith to trust Him and endure hardness as a good soldier in Jesus. His will shall be done, because we cannot trump it. Neither can the devil. Neither can anyone or anything. All we are and have and do is from the Creator. I realize we are totally His and as God that cannot be mocked, cannot be defeated, cannot be threatened, cannot change, cannot be manipulated or controlled, we are fortunate to be entrusted to be involved in His purposes and plans.