This is a very timely word for me, Prophet Kent, as I know that my gift has been like the O.T. prophets and No, they have not been received, and YES, they came to pass. No, they could not be prayed away, and rejection and unbelief did NOT change it. Personal rejection did not change GOD’s Word! My being upset about being rejected did not change the WORD. When it happens, it does not fix the times I was rebuked and abandoned and dismissed, but it DID verify that GOD is good for HIS Word, and HE will fulfill it. Yes, the new teaching is chastising us for the Word if it is O.T. and not uplifting. I was chastised recently because of a WORD I gave to a person that if he chose to drink, he would purge, and when he asked me to pray that he would no longer purge, I said, NO. You will purge if you take one more taste of alcohol, for you asked the LORD to help you and you could not avoid the drink. He is helping you. He became violent against me and I removed myself from any contact. A month passed and he posted that the Word was true and he is alcohol free, and knew that he could never drink again as I had prophesied. I was rebuked by others for giving this WORD even after the fact. REALLY, they asked. GOD told you to say that? Yes, He did, and HE honored HIS Word, for there is NO way I can Make it happen. I have no power to fulfil it. I am NOT GOD. He also messaged me and said that he thought to try a little beer, but when he got to the store, it was closed. He went home and purged. I was rebuked for the lack of love. God is love. Not everyone will be set free the same way. This is just one current example, for no matter how much I have tried to fit into the box of the current teaching regarding N.T. prophets, I can’t. Thank you.