It has begun!!

The angels are singing audibly. The Lord is breaking through and speaking audibly in My ear. The FIRE is being imparted and there have been instant healings when the HEAT is felt and moves to the area needing healed. The essence of the LORD (or the angel appointed to minister for ME) permeates the house when I begin to pray and prophecy and impart. It is raining supernaturally in the building and I see lights falling like rain. It is awesome. People are slain in the Spirit when I touch their flat hands with mine or blow on them. AMAZING GRACE! TO GOD BE THE GLORY! One woman was healed instantly when she was slain in the SPIRIT. We had testimonies of healings in our gathering today and I AM amazed and humbled and so blessed to be a vessel that GOD has chosen to use. Thank you for the awesome decree as it is HAPPENING! DO you know the name of the angel that is the healing angel appointed to minister for me?