Dear Prophet Simpson,

Having viewed the Healing Prophecy that, you emailed; I have the following Praise Report to share:

Regarding my desire to lose weight … Prior to February 14th, I had been dealing with a battle between the spirit and the flesh which can be compared to an up and down roller coaster ride. I knew the Lord was dealing with me about making a commitment concerning this, but you know how the flesh hates to submit. Finally, my inner spirit man got tired of the battle, threw the flesh to the floor and subdued it. The Lord sensed my total surrender and began dealing with me about eliminating carbs and sweets from my daily food intake, and utilizing intermittent fasting. So, I did. The hard part was making a long-term commitment without reneging. Once I cleared that hurdle, I was amazed that the rest came easy. Oh, I missed the mashed potatoes and sweets that my elderly mother made when I visited her. But I firmly told her, “no more sweets, and I’ll bring my own food!” (I also missed my TWIX bars.) Still, once I made the mental and spiritual commitment, on Valentine’s Day I began to adjust my diet according to what the Lord had laid on my heart to do … and that was to eat only lean meat and certain vegetables and nuts. I did that for five days and then began to fast two meals a day for the next five days. As a result, I’m happy to report that in 12 days, I have lost 5 lbs.! I’m over the second hurdle and I’m looking forward to losing another 25 lbs.! The Holy Spirit has been Faithful to control my appetite, as I had asked Him to, and I also believe that He is helping induce the weight loss so I don’t become discouraged. I am eating healthier, I feel more energetic, and I’m definitely liking what I see when I step on the scales!

Thank You for Partnering with Me in The Journey to Improved Health!
Sincerely & Respectfully,
Patricia Warwick