ONE-on-ONE Prophetic Counselling

Dear Prophet Simpson,

Thanks for asking the question. I didn’t have any contact with you in the past. I only found your information on website through Google in the past weekend.

I live in Washington, DC and I became a Christian about four years ago. Through my Christianity readings I found out that Dallas has some pastors who have prophetic gifts. I had searched in my area for a while.

I am visiting a friend and her family on 9/11-13 and I booked the visit a while ago. It came to me that perhaps I can use this chance to talk to a prophet there to seek some prophetic help.

Your website came up when I search Prophet Dallas. I read your description on your page and I liked it. So I decided to give it a try.

That’s the whole process how I found your information and booked the appointment. Hope I answered your question. Sorry it looked unusual to you.