RE: Personal Prophecy & Ministerial Licenses

Just want to let you know I have received my documents. Thank you so much. I received two prophesies from Kent Simpson in 2012 and 2013 and a portion of one is being fulfilled now in how I would have to trust the Lord for my finances because I will be very low in them. I have never been in the position I am in now wondering how I will make it financially but listening to Kent’s word makes me keep my eyes on Jesus to supply my needs. I hope things will turn around so I can start making some money again but in the mean time I’m holding on to God’s promises.

At the time I got the prophecy I couldn’t understand it because I was doing ok but in 2014 things took a down turn and in June 2016 I exhausted my small savings. I live on a small pension and I worked to supplement but haven’t been able to work since Sept 2014 due to back injury. I’m use to living on little but at this time it is the worst it has ever been so I like listening to the prophecy cause it builds up my faith and trust in Jesus. I hope Kent is doing well. I’m going to get out my Prophecy teachings and watch and listen to them again. Thank you again for my new documents.