This prophet word is for Prophet Kent,

The Lord says, “As Moses led My people out and Martin Luther King lead a people out so shall you lead My people out from hiding until they all have been gathered.

Therefore, do not think this is unusual that the very thing that was touched is that which the enemy has tried to disrupt, stop the flow in your body for that which he would like to do he cannot do in the spirit in your life nor in your ministry. If the enemy knew that the people I have sent you would rise up with more clarity a greater anointing one victory for the light side surely he would have let you be and as I said before this will not come again. As you continue to co-labor with Me I will place you where the evil one will ouch you not. Therefore, set apart of the day where it will be your times with Me to minister to your body, mind and soul. This is the time when you don’t talk to Me about other people or go over you long list of to do’s. You will do nothing says God. This is the place where you will draw waters from the well of salvation and sooner much sooner than later you shall walk with Me in the cool of the evening. You shall walk and not grow weary. I will tell you My secrets, I will be your God and you will be My son; Says the Spirit of the Lord, Amen.

Word of Knowledge:

The Lord has shown me the affected area in your leg. I saw inside the vein inside the veins are flaps and yours kind of did a raspberry or like when a baby spits out food they don’t like. This interferes with the blood flow and throws off the water balance causing swelling. The water flowing out must have been frightening but that in itself was a miracle that the Lord has caused for your body to get rid of the water until you got help. This is what was hidden this is what the enemy did not want you to see the problem in the smaller saphenous which means hidden or was hidden. So the infection is camouflage of which you will fully recover. I see the hands of the Lord fixing the flap, giving it back its proper shape. Father I speak to this vein and every blood vessel. I speak to the largest to the smallest and I loose elasticity in the name of Jesus; be healed, made whole and set free! Amen! So as you take your walk with God you will be good.

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