RE: Prophetic Gathering

It is difficult to put into words how this weekend’s meeting has touched & affected me personally. I needed time for things to settle down before I could process the information, the prophetic interactions and words that were released this weekend. Prior to attending the meeting God spoke to me and told me to attend the next meeting in Jan also. I thought that was a little odd, but after meeting you, your family and fellow ministers I am so grateful that He placed such value on your ministry to give me the heads-up on the next meeting before I met any of you.

The words you spoke to me touched on areas of my life that only God knows are a concern to me. He showed you the hidden things that are taking place in my life and those things on my heart and gave assurance of His help and changes to come.

What you are doing with the ministers in this group is truly amazing, you see the need to release people into who and what God has called them to do and giving them a place, space and recourses to accomplish all that God would desire in their lives. The prophetic elders you commissioned this weekend are a gift from God to all of us, and I am so grateful for their service, calling, anointing, and confirmation.

I am looking forward to the meeting in January. I have not said all that I could concerning the impact of this gathering on my life; but know this, my walk with God and people will never be the same.