Dear Prophet Kent and Andrea,

I am blown away at what God has revealed in this word. In tears of joy I couldn’t even hear it the first time around because of the sobs. I couldn’t be happier. All of the years of being alone in this marriage, being married to an atheist, was not easy. The separation from him then and having no marriage at all in obedience to God was hard, but I did it.

You have been there for me all of the way. I am so appreciative of this divine connection, God used you to cause me to hear Him and give my heart to him 3 months after the first prophecy and now, 15 years later this one to close and confirm that initial word. I am still in shock and couldn’t even sleep to think that I can have love again! There are no words to describe what I am feeling. Just thank you for your hearing ear and I pray blessings in abundance to you.

In His love.