Dear Prophet Kent Simpson (and staff):

This evening I had a somewhat sobering experience at a friend’s home who is the leader of the Portal, a group of prophetic intercessors from the Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington area. We have been praying for months for the Lord to make a break through in our area, since Portland is very strong demonic stronghold.

Suddenly without any warning, the Lord quickened my spiritual vision for about 5 seconds or so and I began to recognize tall guardian angels or sentries guarding the house. They stood next to the windows guarding us. I glanced down the hallway to the south exit and I could sense about 3 sentries in that hallway and some talking, in the dining room next to us in the living room area, about a half dozen or so.

What I saw next really got my attention. There were 2 angels handing something in their hands into a person’s spirit, I know this person, she is a mature Christian woman with a very accurate insight into visions of God. It was quite surprising to see them ministering things right from their hands placing them into her spirit, and she in turn was talking about what things she was seeing.

I asked the Lord what kind of angels these were and the Holy Spirit replied “Those are ministering angels” I was surprised to find that at least 2 of those angels were attending each person in the room, around 2 or 3 people, there were actually 3 angels. The angels were very close to the person and very active and purposeful in their movements.

I also became aware that they were holy angels and that we had to be careful of walking in the Lord’s holiness for them to be there. I am SO glad that I read your material on angels as the Lord led me directly to your web site to read more on these ministering spirits.

And YES, it is VERY IMPORTANT that we do not offend the Holy Spirit by a wrong thought or sin as that can instantly grieve the Holy Spirit. The Lord witnessed strongly to me about the importance of walking in holiness, in order to receive the ministry of angels.

I am writing to thank you for your material. This is very encouraging to me, to come across your experience and testimonies of working with angels, it assures me that what I saw this evening was really real.

I am asking the heavenly Father to bless you.