You were in my dream!

I just wanted to share with you a little more detail about the dream. The large place I was trying to walk in the dream looked like a shopping mall, but I knew it was a civic center, or place of government. God always speaks to me in ways I can understand, and I spent the last 20 years of my career working for a City Public Works department in Southern California.

When the person in the dream referred me to you, I had the knowledge in the dream that C P Simpson was the building superintendent. I couldn’t find you in the dream because it would be another 2 years in the natural before I heard of you.

The interpretation of the details are as follows: A shopping mall is where we go to acquire gifts for ourselves and others; it has everything thing we need. It was also a place of government. This is a good illustration of the Kingdom of Heaven.

You were a building superintendent, or one who fixes things and makes sure everything is in good running order. This is a good illustration of the Apostolic/Prophetic anointing on your life.

I love the way God shows us the way. He has always spoken to me through my dreams, but as I learn to hear His voice more clearly, I find Him speaking to me clearly in my waking hours too.

The word you gave me 1 1/2 years ago spoke about an angel being assigned to me to function as a prophet. That word was a confirmation of a word I received 6 months earlier form an East Coast Prophet named Dale Mast at a ministry school alumni meeting I was attending. He said that God said to me: “Welcome to the next level. I was going to bring out the “gold” hidden in people through words of knowledge, words of wisdom, and prophetic words.”” These were the some of the same things you said in your word to me.

It’s always encouraging to hear that the words we speak make a difference in the lives of the people we minister to…Be Encouraged;

God is using you in an amazing way!!