RE: Personal Prophecy

Hello Kent,

Back in 2007-08, you gave us a prophecy that “the papers would be given to us and to call it our own.” At the time, we didn’t know quite what this meant until we were given the papers of ownership for our condo. You see … we had tried once before to purchase the condo (apartment) we were living in. It used to be an apartment complex and then went condo conversion. We were laughed at by the corporate seller’s bank and sales staff. Later on, the corporate seller changed banks and sales staff and we tried again (the second time) to purchase the condo. This is about the time we got your prophesy that said, “the papers would be given to us and to call it our own.” Even when were given the papers, the enemy tried to stifle the process on the very day that we were to sign the papers at the title company. Kent, there is no way, in the physical realm, that this condo sale should have been given to us because of our debt and yearly income statement. Later on, we found out that the banker (BoA) apparently did some shady things and got us through the eye of a needle so that we could purchase our condo. But we know it was really the hand of the Lord.