Hi Pastor Kent,

Thank you so much!
Thank you, Holy Spirit, and thank you for supernatural help from heaven, I welcome the angel assigned to me and I thank Yeshuah and our Abba the Highest God!

I fully receive these words from the heavenly realm I declare and decree that in weakness I am strongest in the Lord so I can walk in the gifting and calling so help me Lord as I say yes! I know that Lord and his angels are ordering my steps as I begun a change in my thinking with investment, payment of debts, life style, career etc. I have asked God whether we could shorten my life as I have no husband or kids and my health is not super not in pity but just to be practical, he is saying long life guess some amazing miracles are heavenly planned.

Today I was reading a part time job advert that pays better than my full-time job and I shook and started speaking in tongues, in must be the angel going to work. I hesitated about bitcoin and again I shook so I invested into some crypto currency.

It’s been a struggle, everywhere I work I am pushed to talk and everyone think I am a bit mad until things come to pass and mgt pays attention by that time I have either resigned or moved on. It will be nice to start having the favor of the Lord more than ever before and live with ease and grace. It was not easy to be the first one in the firing line all the time now it is by faith. Hallelujah! Amen!

God bless you so much!!!

Love and peace